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Why rent holiday rentals ?

Holiday Rental is the new buzzword in the travel industry. Over the past few years, Holiday rentals have changed the complexion of the travel industry quite dramatically. It is the Idea whose “Time has come” and make no mistake, this trend is "here to stay" (literally). All over the world, travelers have latched on to the idea of renting private homes and are simply overwhelmed by the unique experiences and comparative advantages Holiday rentals have to offer against conventional holidays (e.g. staying in hotels).

Earlier confined to the more developed markets (North America, Europe, Australia and NZ) this trend is increasingly finding its foothold in lesser developed markets in South America, Africa and Asia as well.

And to simply put it in terms of traveler experience:- Once you've tried a holiday rental you’ll never go back to a hotel.

Now, you may think that’s exaggeration, but it's true. And that’s why hotel owners around the world are worried about this phenomenon. It has eaten away at their profits quite significantly in the developed markets and inevitably the travel industry in the developing markets will have to sit up and take notice of this novel idea. They can ignore it at their own peril.

So what is it that makes this Idea click and why travelers world over are shunning hotel rooms for Holiday Rentals?

Great For Budget: Most Holidaymakers have to squeeze their pennies in order to be able to afford their holidays. It is this flock that is increasingly taking a liking to Holiday rentals. And with the cost benefits of Holiday Rentals, more people around the globe are being able to afford the Holidays of their Dreams.

Look at it this way: - No receptionists, No room service, No Waiting Staff, No Concierge Service, Translates into less burden on your pocket.

While hotels have to employ a whole range of employees, Holiday rentals don’t require any. This means that Holiday rentals are typically much more economical than hotel rooms of Similar Size.

Moreover, you don’t need to dine in expensive restaurants every night. Fully equipped kitchen’s at your disposal mean that you have the option of cooking meals yourself and save those extra bucks.

More Room to Unwind: Tired of Similar looking and cramped Hotel rooms? Can’t get to sleep and wish you could get up and go to a different room? A Holiday rental is just the answer you were looking for.

You can choose from a whole range of rentals starting from small studio rentals, apartments to large Villas, mansions and Chalets. Where you can simply unwind and relax without ever experiencing that familiar cramped feeling we have all encountered in Hotel rooms.

Best Option for Large Groups or Families: Need to book 2 or more Hotel Rooms? A holiday Home is just what you need.

1. Multiply your savings by booking multi-bedroom apartments or Villas and splitting the cost.

2. Enjoy the Luxury of Shared Communal Spaces hotels just cannot offer. Where you can enjoy interactions throughout day or night. While sharing breakfast together, relaxing in the living area or having drinks by the poolside. You get the space and freedom that hotels simply cannot match.

3. You can cook group meals and share special occasions with great convenience and flexibility.

Unlimited Amenities: Yes that’s right. Holiday rentals can offer you an unlimited range of amenities. You simply have to find the rental that suits you the best. This is one area where Hotels, even large corporate chains just cannot compete with private Holiday rentals. You just have to look and you will be amazed by the options at your disposal.
Pets: Think of your pets as part of the Family? Take them along on your holidays. Hotels won’t allow pets on their property but you can find a whole range of holiday home owners who will welcome your loved ones with open arms. So why miss out on family during Family Holidays?
Privacy: Want your Holidays to be a private, discreet affair? Rent a private Home and you don’t need to deal with any hotel staff, don’t need to run-into strangers in crowded lobbies and Elevators.